Stepathletes are part of a community and can share information and anecdotes about their experiences by writing blogs or uploading images and videos and contributing to Stepapedia (a point to point step count of walks by Stepathletes). Here, Stepathletes can view our new section ‘Fitspiration’ – celebrity fitness vignettes and also have the opportunity to win exciting prizes by answering the weekly Quizathon.

The Leaderboard ranks every team participating in Stepathlon based on their Daily Step Average. With a click of a button, Stepathletes can also see where all the teams in their company are ranked, as well as teams from other companies. Teams compete to be the “Most Active Team” under various categories.

Every step that a Stepathlete enters into the Stepathlon Course Website is recorded and graphed on this page. With a simple click of a button Stepathletes can see the calories or kilojoules they have burnt, how many kilometres they have walked and how their team has performed.

With articles on health and fitness, personalized responses to all health queries by our Chief Wellness Officer, Shane Bilsborough, and printable Pin-Ups on how to get healthy, this is a one stop destination for everything related to health and fitness. We also have a Food for Thought section that will help identify healthy alternatives to hundreds of commonly consumed foods. In this section, Stepathletes can also track their BMI to monitor their progress.

Stepathlon is a “race around a virtual world”. Starting in Dubai, every step your team takes leads you to a new location. There are 73 different locations on the 2014 Stepathlon course; some are well-known cities, whilst others are ‘off the beaten track”. Each location is annotated with beautiful imagery and interesting information including what to see, where to eat, what you can buy and where to walk when you get there.

Stepathlon Live


Ravi Krishnan @Ravi_Krishnan11 Dec In Sydney.A stunning city to explore on foot. What cities do you like to walk in? @Stepathlon #keepwalking

Movement Tip

If you are hosting a meeting, introduce a physical activity break, like stretching, half way through.

Food for thought

It takes 4950 steps to walk off an aloo paratha. It takes 7140 steps to walk off a chocolate donut